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Books are an object which has no bounds of versatility.

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Floyd cruz 
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Books are an object which has no bounds of versatility. One might be a sci fi lover one might like drama, on the other hand one person may like old classics. It all depends on a person's taste as to what he or she would like to read based on their taste towards books and interests in various aspects of life. Read on to know the best in Australia book that you must also read.

The must reads-

There are certain books which will always remain to be a must read for a child who is growing up to be exposed to primary school and then secondary. Every 90’s kid had grown up reading books by Enid Blyton, namely The Famous Five,Malory Towers, Secret Seven etc. This establishes the seed of reading in children, acting as a stepping stone towards reading and developing. Growing up reading Ruskin Bond and similar writers instil thoughts in a child's mind and this manifests later in the form of various forms of creativity.

Old classics are other examples of must read book. The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald is a true classic and so are books by Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, and the list goes on. Award winning books like, To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee are books which should not be missed by any reader.

The literature vastly varies from recent writers, however good they are. Another book called Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is also hard to miss, what with all the humour and wit. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is another must read for reading enthusiasts. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is another book worth giving a read.

Then comes newer books like the Harry Potter series, books by Dan Brown, The Lord of the Rings, Sidney Sheldon etc. are books which are worth all your time and money and will instil the ideas of the change in writing style from the 90’s to present day. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is one such book which will leave one mesmerised and asking for more. One flew over the Cuckoo's nest is another classic which should not be missed. Then there are books written by Indian authors like Amitabh Ghosh leaves one awestruck by the raw style of writing, the ambiguity, the purity of the language and its usage, it truly would be a sin to miss such books. There are different inspiring and well as philosophical books to which may interest people from various aspects of life and as always books will remain to be the entrance to a dimension of pure bliss.

Reading a bit of Shakespeare from time to time helps in not only brushing up on grammatical skills, but also brings the old-school charm of English writing and the talent behind the classics. Timeless talents. These are perhaps few if the best books recommended to read for budding youngsters, teenagers as well as millions across the globe. The list is vast, and options huge.  Good books awaken the soul and like good food, releases the right hormones in the body.